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The engineering business consultants of Enbuscon Ltd are pleased to offer, both for the public and industrial sector decisions’ makers, their independent evaluation services concerning the desirable developments of integrated technical systems and their controls as well as implementation of related projects.


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Flexible grids
Support legislation favouring grid tie production, either by photovoltaic cells or wind mills, might lead to severe problems in controlling the electrical grid. The targeted availability of energy requires adaption of intelligent consumption and production facilities. These new facilities, even if distributed at local level, should also participate in the frequency control of the grid.


Energy efficiency in buildings
The air conditioning ducts take much space in modern buildings. In addition they may cause production of condensed water into the structures. A new generation of localised heat pumps may be the solution to these problems. It can make use of the heat or cold of the exhaust air of the apartment in consideration and it can be easily connected to the district heating or cooling networks.


Maritime technology energy questions
Energy saving issues in maritime applications need to be considered on top of hydro dynamically optimized propellers and hull with propulsion machineries having low energy consumption. The by main engines generated waste heat can also be saved and utilized for other energy consumers in the vessel. The production and use of total energy on board requires an intelligent control system.


Testing and training
It is not feasible to use real technological equipment for testing of digital control systems.  The configured control system can be tested by connecting it to a computerized model of the equipment. If also the control system is modelled in advance, then the functionality of the automation concept can be even before the selection of the supplier of the control system. Such a testing system maintained up to date, can be used both for training and for pre-evaluation of further developments.


Perhaps we cannot solve all the problems, but we would like to help you finding the essential questions as well as their solutions! Our independent experts would be pleased to continue this discussion with focus on your specific needs.


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Kaj Juslin, D.Sc. (Eng.)
Independent Energy and Automation Specialist
+358 40 500 1254, kaj.juslin@enbuscon.com

The CEO of Enbuscon Ltd, Dr Kaj Juslin, has previously been working at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland as Customer Manager and Senior Advisor in the energy business sector 2006-2013, as Chief Scientist and Manager of the Systems Dynamics Group 1996-2005, and as researcher and Project Manager in many projects related to energy and automation 1970-1995. During these years he has also been working as consultant e.g. at Imatran Voima Oy, at Nokia Electroniikka Oy, and at Asea Atom Ab. From 1986 to 2013, he was first the manager of the Apros development project jointly funded by Fortum and VTT, and later on the chair of the joint Apros coordination group.


Harri Soininen, D.Sc. (Eng.)

Independent Maritime and Arctic Technology Specialist

+358 50 0871587, harri.soininen@enbuscon.com
Dr Harri Soininen has been working at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland during the years1989-2013 for instance as Manager for Maritime Research at VTT as well as Manager of several related Research Groups. From 1973 to 1989 he worked at the Wärtsilä shipbuilding industry, e.g. as Director of the arctic research centre (presently Acer Arctic), as Director of consulting and export projects, and as Manager of the project department of Helsinki shipyard and as project engineer.




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